Sunday, February 07, 2021

Keep Talking

The roar and the rhetoric of postings so loud,

It entered our year with full force, some were proud.

Glass it was broken and marble floors were disturbed,

And yet there were heroes trying to hold back the herd.

It passed and we finished, the counting was done,

More will be written of how democracy had won.

The truth will be found as more is understood,

We will hopefully take solace in those who did good.

Now the tweets and the posts fall silent to listening,

With less being shouted, that silence is deafening.

Can we turn the distance of shouting at each other,

Into ground we can share our country together.

Lay down all the guns of social media chatter,

Be willing to talk and share opinion that matters.

We learned how to talk then failed how to listen,

But now is the chance, a new way can be christened.

Stay inspired my friends!

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