Thursday, November 26, 2020

Beatitude of Turkey

Came from the woods in feathered glory.

First just one, tom leading the way.

Soon was joined, the rafter, the flock.

Noisy gobbling, at distance would warn.

Where next to end upon a table.

Call it gobbler, a tarnegol hodu, kalkoen, moan barang, pelehu, shichimenchō, Truthahn, or plain old Turkey.

Bird is sacrificed, we celebrate the food,

Table full, no turkey alone, true thanks for all given,

From feathery beginning, to the corn, the cranberry.

Our family to all, here or there, cheers to your Thanksgiving.

Stay inspired my friends!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

He Came, She Sat

Willie came and Willie went,

Even with his crooked bent.

One eye it was closed,

For how long, no one knows.

Yet Willie came and Willie went.

Ethel stood and Ethel sat,

She sometimes lay down on a mat.

Had an ear, was oh so deaf,

Was even hard to hear her breath.

Yet Ethel stood and Ethel sat.

Willie came and Ethel sat,

One eye, one ear, and love did chat.

Two perfect people sharing a moon,

Hearts together, beating in tune.

Yes Willie came and never went.

Stay inspired my friends!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Winters Divide


The day is cool but humid breezy,

Closing days of autumn nearing.

To sit and wish against the change,

Each leaf it falls to winters calling.

Nature speaks with change of season,

Bending to the inevitability.

Winter comes, we wish for warmth,

Too soon to sit beside the hearth.

 Plants and animals adjust in tune,

As humans fight in divide and gloom.

As life goes on with winters hold,

Can mankind solve our bitter cold.

Stay inspired my friends!

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Exercise Your Voting Right


The day is near to cast your voice,

A way to state your choice.

Tuesday is your voting right.

We've heard the arguments,

Two sides have made their statements.

Tuesday is your voting right.

The right, the left, the middle swings,

Our right to vote means everything.

Tuesday is your voting right.

Results it brings to our grand nation,

For some disappointment, others elation.

Tuesday is your voting right.

Get up and vote your belief, your choice,

Whatever the outcome, we all had a voice.

Tuesday is your voting right.

Stay inspired my friends!