Friday, July 24, 2009

Opened To More

"Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway." -Robert Anthony

There is a small part in each of us that would rather sit behind the closed door. We would rather be complacent in the comfort of the small space we occupy. The idea of opening ourselves to something beyond our controlled atmosphere frightens us.

The artificial lights within our home provide just enough warmth to keep us satisfied. We read the paper, search the Internet and generally create a small piece of life. You feel there is no need to extend your world beyond the front door.

A large world exists beyond the threshold of your home. That world can use someone like you to enter it on a larger scale. The world needs the interaction of you. You need the interaction of the world in order to grow. It is said that a mushroom grows very well in the cool dark and wetness of an enclosed space. It grows even better when fed that four letter word which begins with an 's', a lonely existence in my mind.

But the flower flourishes outside in the world under a beaming sun. It draws strength from the cool rain water and nutrients of the earth. The flower is found by the world to be a source of inspiration. It brings beauty where none exists.

Are you that flower? No, I'm not that eloquent to suggest you are. What you are is someone that can flourish out in the world. Interacting with other people, impacting their lives with even the smallest of what you can offer. All it takes is to open that door and step out. To step out and beyond the walls that surround you will bring so much more to your life.

Try it today; open the door and step through it. Find a way to put yourself out in the world and do something for someone else. It all comes back around eventually. Some may call it 'paying it forward'. In this case, nothing may have been done for you yet. Well, you can start the process first. Be the first one in the chain that 'pays it forward' and it will eventually come back around when you least expect it (but need it most).

Open the door on your life and begin.
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