Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contentment Right Here

"It's alright. Wherever you are right now, I tell you it's alright. That's where you're supposed to be now." -311

Soon I will have the annual celebration each of us have, which is a birthday. That ritual we perform to mark the successful completion of another year in this great life. It will be different this time around as my mother will not be here this time. She passed away last October from Pancreatic Cancer and each of us miss her. My sister passed away back in the late 1980s and there are those days in which I would love to have her here.

But my faith in God and understanding of life in general gives me contentment. Where I am in life right now, "it's alright." I don't share the passing of my mother to garner sympathy, but to note that each of us have our pain and joys in life. Not having loved ones to share this day with me can be sad, but I'll choose to have the memory of them with me. Joy will fill my heart in knowing "it's alright."

The picture you see is of my mother and sister many years ago. It is a picture that I found somewhat interesting in that you can see others in the mirror. Those people are my father and a couple of siblings. But why so interesting? It is as if I am getting a glimpse of them together from the other side. And those in the living mirror are what my mother and sister get to watch everyday.

It gives me that contentment I spoke about, that I'm right where I'm supposed to be. That it is alright both for me and for them. It makes me believe that if you can realize this contentment, your own life will be much better. It will allow you to feel the joy that life really is meant to be.

Find your joy in this life. Know that "it's alright" and experience that joy.
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