Friday, December 23, 2011

Baking Up A Great Year-end

"Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness." -William E. Gladstone

On a recent trip back to where I grew up, I had an opportunity to visit with family and friends. The town that I spent my early years is small in size but huge in heart. I guess you could say that of most any place, but it seems more so as these are the places I was a young boy.

My sister Pam took me out for coffee with her friends on a Saturday morning. The bakery in downtown Fremont is small, nice and comfy with the smells of fresh baked rolls and pastries. Alotta Brownies sits in the three hundred block of north Main Street. Just the sound of saying "Main Street" brings back wonderful memories. The conversation, coffee and cinnamon rolls pulled those moments from the back of my mind. If you ever happen through Fremont, Nebraska; take a moment to stop in and indulge your memories.

It was very shortly after the coffee and memories that I received a text message from my daughter Sarra. She was checking with me to ensure that I was going to make my annual Christmas batch of fudge. Why of course I am and somehow it has become traditional for me to do so.

I would really like to tell you that my fudge is the best in the world, top class and the thing that bakery chefs long to create. The fudge is typically good enough and I never seem to use the same recipe each year. I'm not creating a great fudge, that is for sure.

What I am recreating each year though is a tradition. It is something that will bring back memories for future generations when they smell fudge being made. When they wander into a bakery somewhere on their travels, a traditional memory will come flooding home to them. It will become a waypost in time as they make their way through life.

This time of year and in fact throughout the year, create traditions for those around you. These will be the lasting moments and memories that make the day easier. They are "you" living on within the hearts of others in the many years that will follow you.

And since tomorrow is Christmas Eve that will flow into Christmas Day, I want to wish all of my family, my sons, daughters, father, brothers, sister, in-laws and friends a Merry Christmas. There are those gone before us that I remember on these days as well; to all of them I have fond memories of many great past Christmas days.

And to you my friends out there, the happiest of Christmas Days and a safe holiday season. Stay inspired my friends.

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