Monday, January 23, 2012


""Never look back unless you are planning on going that way."." -Henry David Thoreau

I would imagine you are like most every other human on this planet. You have dreams of being more successful, or earning more money. You have dreams of greatness for your children or renewed health when pain fills every move you make. There are those that hope for love or friendship and those that want for a better life. All of us dream of things during our life time.

The problem can be with the belief we have in that dream. How strongly do you believe in what it is you want for your life? How large is the faith in what is to come versus what has happened? There are many people that want, dream, yearn for all of these things in life. But their belief is more centered on the past as opposed to their future.

A woman may want for a relationship that is filled with love and comfort, but she dwells on past relationships. When she gets close to a man, her belief in something good is outweighed by belief in what has happened previously. The negative things that have happened in her life win out every time with belief in the past.

A man looks to advance in his job, a new promotion and responsibility. He becomes a candidate for a new position but it will require interviews and rising above the competition. Yet if he chooses to believe in his past experience, he condemns his future. He will be his own worst competition to moving forward in life.

All of us tend to give way too much credit for our past mistakes or stumblings. We have life's experience behind us, but life moves forward from where you are today. Life forward from the past, not towards it; it is today that counts. Where you stand, the person that you are right now, this very moment is where you begin.

The past is the past and you need to let it go. You need to reverse your thinking to a forward looking direction. Stop believing in what has gone wrong and believe in what will happen moving forward. Believe in the impossible and make it real.

Start living your life with forward momentum, believing in your future and leaving behind what has gone wrong in the past. What the past says is impossible, tomorrow says it is possible. Tomorrow brings fresh hope, fresh opportunity and fresh belief in that possibility.

Stay inspired my friends and we'll talk again soon.

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