Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeding The Donkeys

"A positive attitude is not going to save you. What it's going to do is, everyday, between now and the day you die, whether that's a short time from now or a long time from now, that every day, you're going to actually live." -Elizabeth Edwards

Every day the push to success grinds on. The bedside alarm loudly clangs at 5:00 AM to awake your short sleep. The shortness of night is rudely interrupted as you pull the covers back and head off to the bathroom.

You get dressed and head down the stairs only to find time slipping away. You tell yourself that preparing the coffee maker ahead of time is a blessing. Quickly you grab a cold bagel, coffee and belongings as the clock ticks 5:40 AM.

The day will be filled with projects, deadlines and circumstance. With each obstacle encountered, you will successfully overcome each and every one. Your success is true and steady while it is done happily. You know your goals and what you want in life. The express train called "Your Life" is speeding down the tracks to a destination.

But how do you keep yourself from being consumed by the enormity of it all? How do you keep some type of grounding with all that exists alongside the tracks you are speeding down?

You stop and feed the donkeys, that is how.

A film maker friend of mine, David Baker (@davidpbaker) has been on a three year push which has sent him on a speeding bullet train towards great things. He is currently in post production on his latest movie called SCREEN.

SCREEN is a horror film shot on location in Tulsa, Oklahoma with another film maker by the name of Oklahoma Ward, (@OklahomaWard) whose own film called CRAWL is in post production. I'd be remiss in not mentioning the talented actress Nicole Alonso.

While each of these people are streaming forward towards success, they each take time to reflect. They slow down enough to stop the blurring landscape and refocus. And to put it in terms of what David does, they take time to "feed the donkeys." Watch David's video to better understand what I'm talking about.

The important thing to remember is that driving yourself to success requires moments of reflection. The journey requires time to slow down and assess and remain grounded with life. Your high-speed train of life will wait for you because it is your train. You get to dictate where the rest areas are and when it is time to "feed the donkeys."

Stay inspired my friends.

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