Friday, January 27, 2012

Tim Tebow Is

"Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside." - Margaret Walker

Mark, a good friend of mine, sent me the following article not too long ago. Its an article written by ESPN sports columnist Rick Reilly. It is titled, I believe in Tim Tebow and is a must read to understand what giving of oneself, what inspiration and what perspective on life is.

There are varied opinions on Tim Tebow and the whole effect he is having on the National footbal League and amongst viewers. A term called Tebowing has even created lots of discussion between people. Each of us can have an opinion but I want to get beyond the outward view people have.

What I am looking at is inward, to what is truly going on inside of this person called Tim Tebow. I also want to see how we can use it as an example of living our lives in respect to others.

Forget the kneeling, forget the "thanking God" statements and forget that he may not be the most talented professional quarterback in football. Look to what he does with his abilities in helping others outside of his professional career. Look to what he gives, which is himself.

The real power of love is in being able to give so freely and courageously of oneself. The true nature of love is to let that love pour from you into the lives of others.

Love is in fact the greatest gift you have been given and the greatest gift you can give to others. Love is inspiring.

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