Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Baby Its Cold

Johnny Carson: Man, is it cold out there today.
Ed McMahon: How cold is it?
Johnny Carson: It's so cold I saw a chicken with a capon.

Okay, so maybe it isn't that cold out side but my first day in Germany and the temperature is 14 degrees Farenheit. An artic blast reminding me that yes, it does get cold in various places.

I was warned though and I planned ahead. But having a carry-on suitcase and not wanting to carry bundles of coats, I felt prepared enough. The jacket, scarf, hat and gloves were and will have to be enough. Even with my planning though, the sharpness of the cold cut through me.

That is sort of how life is sometimes. We plan and prepare for what is to come but sometimes it just isn't enough. The sharpness of circumstance will cut through you and change the course of your day. What matters is how you carry forth from the situation.

For me, I could let it ruin my entire business trip. I could decide to allow myself to be miserable but won't. I'll enjoy the feeling of the cold, of artic wind upon my face and the numbing of my toes. It will create great memories and also lessons for next time.

Something can always be gained from your experience. And the great thing is that you get to decide. It is your choice on how you'll respond to the situation. I choose to enjoy it, learn from it and next time I will certainly be more prepared. That is how we move ahead in life.

Stay warm and stay inspired my friends.

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