Monday, November 19, 2012

Attitude in Words Redux

"Each day provides its own gifts." -Marcus Aurelius

So with pleasure I am announcing the release of my fifth book today, Attitude in Words Redux. A new version of newer stories from the past few years and another chance to hopefully inspire you on a daily basis. With each passing day, week and year, my goal is to find some small word or story that will help you achieve your best life.

My life was turned around, my best life journey, occurred with two small words. I have written about those two small words in my previous books. Of all those thousands upon thousands of words in the languages of the world, there will be a few words that can do the same for you. I believe you will find one or two here.

If not for you, I would encourage you to purchase one as a gift for someone else. Maybe a family member or friend that just needs a little extra excouragement. I am sure you or they will find the book motivating and one that can change your life. And do not forget that Christmas is coming soon. Attitude in Words Redux would make a very nice gift.

So thank you to all of those that have supported my writing efforts. And thank you to all that have read, been motivated and graciously thanked me for my words. Stay inspired my friends and keep moving towards your best life.

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