Friday, November 02, 2012

Random thoughts - 11/02/2012

The Calendar

There are only two more months left in this year of 2012. Basically sixty days left to complete what you said you would on January 1. Some may even believe it all ends on December 21 if you are a follower of Mayan prophecy.

It isn't the end, nor is December 31 the goes on and you will have opportunity to set more goals. The point being, just keep moving forward. Keep yourself inspired to do great things.

In these last two months, with holidays such as Thanksgiving here in the U.S. or even the Christmas season, do something grand. Do something for another person, help feed the hungry, contribute some presents to "Toys for Tots" and see it shift your world.

Yes, the Mayans probably ran out of ink. But there is time to do great things for other people and in turn your own world will be filled.

Just Vote

Next Tuesday is a big one here in the United States. It is the one time every four years that we elect, or re-elect a President. If you were to follow our politics, one might think it is dirty, knock-down fight. But this is just a campaign season.

I am a firm believer that a higher-power has us in good stead, but we as people do have to be good stewards of what we've been given. So with that, the pendulum of liberal or conservative swings both ways. Knowing that, whomever gets elected does not really bother me.

What I do believe we as citizens need to do though is take a more active role. We must hold our elected officials more accountable. It is not enough to just vote, and everyone eligible should make an effor to vote. We the citizens need to make sure elected officials follow through and not drive us over the cliff.

Yes, the Romans found out what happens when we fail to stay involved.

Wind a Blowing

A pretty devastating hurricane blew into the eastern coast. It wreaked much havoc, destruction and also death. If you haven't seen the news stories and pictures, take a look. Natural disasters happen and no matter where they occur, it boils down to you and me helping each other.

Find a way to become involved and help your fellow man. One day it just might be you facing what seems insurmountable. One day you might need someone to help you.

Stay inspired my friends!

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