Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Underground Attitude

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." -Henry David Thoreau

Traveling in London by means of the Underground can be quite interesting. Watching how people react to each other when the train is full versus a somewhat empty train can be quite an experience.

Is there chivalry amongst the men riding the train?

Is there giving help to others still a natural occurrence.

What about common courtesy among the travelers?

I find that on a crowded train, men do tend to give up their seat for a woman when no other is available. When a crowded train pulls up, people do tend to allow the flow of others to take place.

All of this is happening with strangers among strangers. A natural giving of oneself to better the surroundings.

In doing small things that bring a bit of pleasantness into the lives of others can make a difference. The train ride is a bit more bearable during rush hour. Even during non-rush hour times, courtesy can be found if you look for it. Helping someone with their luggage onto the train. Providing directions to those that look lost. It happens more frequently than we might first admit.

All of us could use some kindness in life from others. And when you receive it, pass it on in some fashion. Attitude improves as one progressively does more for others. Open up your seat for another, lift a bag to help will open your heart and lift your spirits.

Stay inspired my friends.

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