Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just One Reason

"There are a million reasons you can find to tear someone down. Work to find that 'one' reason to build them up." -Dean Sweetman

When you consider your own life, you have probably found that you do much better in a 'positive' environment. Whether the environment is home, church, school or work; if everyone is always negative, there will likely be little success.

If those areas of our life are going to be great, then we have to have great people around us. You do this by building up others. Think of the people around you that provide encouragement. Remember how good you feel when you are around them. The same can be said when you are near those that would tear you down, and you know how that makes you feel.

You can be someone that encourages others; it not only builds up the other person, but it strengthens your relationship with them. This article is not about shallow flattery or "sucking-up." It means to look for and recognize positive traits and actions in others. The "sucking-up" is as bad as lying to people, they will see through it very quickly.

So what are the benefits of encouraging others?

- Your relationship develops.
People sense your interest in them and are willing to give more of themselves to you.

- Your influence grows.
Who is going to have more influence in the lives of others, the one who tears down or the one who builds up?

- You build stronger loyalty.
When the individual knows they are appreciated, they become loyal, because they know that you care about them.

- You create happy, fulfilled people.
This is not an exercise in “return on investment.” It is right to build up others, without expecting anything in return. Someone out there is looking to tear them down; you be the person committed to building them up.

So work at improving your life and attitude about others. Then take your effort and build up those around you. It will have a great impact on your life.

Stay inspired my friends!

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