Monday, August 12, 2013

Judge Yourself

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Gustav Jung

If you read that quote carefully, you begin to understand that being judgmental of others says more about ourselves than it does of the person we are judging. I have heard it said that "People provide behavioral models for each other all the time. It is one of the main ways in which we learn things. Every time we see a behavioral model that we don't deem worthy of emulating, such as someone we find irritating, it narrows the selection process for the behaviors that we want to emulate."

What is hard to reconcile many times is that many of the things we find irritating are those things that remind us of our own flaws. Many of the people who seem constantly irritated by most everything are more times than not basically unhappy with themselves. These same people will try to deceive themselves into thinking that its everyone else's fault. All they are attempting to do is block the insight into their own lives that may help them solve their problems.

And that can be very sad to watch someone go through.

All of us have tendencies that make us wish we were or had something else. It could be the physical beauty of a super model, or a great athlete. Whatever that 'thing' is, we will tend to find irritating that which we currently are not. What we need to do instead is find comfort in who we currently are. When we find happiness in who we are (good, bad, whatever) is when we can move on to a more productive life.

Find that person inside of you, the good, the bad and work on who you are first. You can't change others, your judgement of them doesn't change you either. Find out what it is about yourself that you want to change and change it. Easier said then done you are saying, but only you can do it.

Find yourself first, find judgement in who you are.

Stay inspired my friends.

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