Monday, August 19, 2013

Possible Possibility

"If you stay in what was, you will never get to what is." -Kay Weeks

Are you afraid of change in your life? Does the idea of altering the patterns of your life send anxiety flowing through your veins?

But what if you want to get from point A to point B in your life?

It will take change and there is really no getting around that. In fact, life is always in a state of change. The clock is marking the changing of time. The earth is spinning and tilting to change the seasons. The harbinger of age is changing our physical being. Yes, change happens and so we must first get over it, adapt and be willing to allow change to transform us.

The possibilities are endless on what we can do with change in our life. Yet we will never see those possibilities if we stay stuck in the sameness of our lives. You may tell yourself that you have nothing to offer, no talent, or no ability to grab hold of possibility. I say you are wrong and that we each have talents (large or small) that can enable us to do great things. You simply have to be willing to take charge of change and use it to your benefit.

In an article by Dr. Pamela Gerloff,PHD in Human Development, she writes about how we can shift our thinking of possibility by using change. It is referred to as the Possibility Paradigm and talks about how we should view possibility differently. When we do so, it can be used to better our lives and to achieve more.

All of us know of the "Possibility Principle" in which all things are possible. This means absolutely anything, no exceptions, no "everything, but" possibilities, all is possible. The idea of all things possible can be hard to grasp when we are trained from an early age to measure and accept the bounds of what we can and can not do. All of our lives we are told of limits and of what has or has not worked already.

The "Possibility Paradigm" tries to get you to debunk those thoughts.

This is where Dr. Gerloff wants you to consider the "Possibility Paradigm" as a way of helping you achieve what might be considered impossible. There are two parts which are; Part A: If something isn't possible from within your paradigm, change your paradigm. And Part B: Keep changing paradigms until you find one from which that thing is possible. I look to the example of technology and the smart devices we use each and every day.

We have laptops, desktops, phones, computers, and a host of other things that could be very utilitarian in nature. For many years they were, meaning, these devices did the one single job they were intended to do. Then came along one of the more famous innovators that decided to change the paradigm of possibility in how these devices are designed and used.

Steve Jobs decided to design these devices from an artistic and personal use perspective. You could say he changed design of these devices from the outside in versus inside out. You can read more about this in Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different to see why thinking different can make a huge change in your possibility.

If you can shift your view of possibility. If you can change the way you look at possibility. If you allow change to be a positive force in your life, than all things truly are possible. Take your life towards a more positive way of living, make possibility possible in everything that you do.

And stay inspired my friends.

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