Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tornado of Kindness

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” Seneca

You have probably heard the expression, '...that kid is going to grow up to be a hell raiser' when referring to a young child. It is reference to a child that always seems to be getting him or herself into a lot of trouble. It could even refer to someone older and again always seems to have 'trouble' surrounding them.

Most of us never get to see exactly how that person's life turns out. Families and friends close to that particular person get a front row seat to all of it though. Each of us probably know someone like that, either a young person or an older person that seems to fight life every step of the way.

I have always held that in every person there is a seed of goodness. Something that exists in the heart which can stir their emotion. In the hardest of troubled minds, we can not always find that goodness. The person themself may have buried it so deep that they are unable to find it.

It could be that you bury goodness for one reason or another. But if we feed and cultivate that seed of goodness, it can grow into something bigger. By leaving it unattended, the goodness will wither and harden. Granted it is an over simplification of why there are just simply 'not very nice' people in this world.

To keep goodness in your heart and to help others, we have to extend kindness at times. The smile to another, holding of a door, letting the other driver into the lane or kind words to another will nurture goodness. Not only will it grow in you, but it will grow in others. Take time to be nice once in a while.

Stay inspired my friends!

Each time you step off your path and give someone an act of kindness...then your road to happiness just got a little smoother.” -Donna A. Favors

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