Monday, December 16, 2013

Achieving Confidence

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings." -Samuel Johnson

In a cartoon strip called Dilbert, one of the characters named Wally tries to coerce his boss into giving him a raise by threatening that he has a job offer from another company. You then see in Wally's thoughts, "..sit back and let the loving begin." But his boss is quietly speaking on the phone to security, "...whack him in the parking lot."

Have you ever had this type of feeling at your job?

The cartoon's creator Scott Adams does a wonderful job of pointing out the truths and misbeliefs of the work place. What I suggest the meaning behind the cartoon is that you can't simply expect things to happen in life. You have to go out and work for those things you want to accomplish. If we choose to merely "expect" things to come to us, that expectation will normally produce unexpected consequences.

Would we want to merely be meek in what we do?

At the same time I must admit the cartoon character named Wally exhibits a great amount of confidence. But we must be careful not to confuse confidence with self-serving ego. There must be work and sincerity behind the effort given in support of our confidence.

Your work ethic creates the boldness.

Be bold in your confidence and back it up with hard work and servitude. Others will be confident in your ability by the proof of the work you have performed. The reward itself will follow. Stay inspired my friends!

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