Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Argument Resolved

"Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then best you with experience." -Dilbert

There will be those that think the above quote is a harsh statement. Yet we allow ourselves to be pulled into that argument so many times. It causes us to lose ground on what we have achieved when we enter into an argument with our own selves. We struggle to some level of success in life. And than as we try to move even further, we allow the past to pull us back.

One way of looking at this would be to consider the idea of doing something new in your life. You sit and evaluate your past experiences. We do this in order to learn and understand what we have done previously. We will take those past experiences and look at them in two different ways;

1. The things we can change to be successful next time.
2. The things that discourage us from ever trying again.

During this backward look at experiences, they can be positive and supportive in our new efforts to succeed. But then we allow the 'idiot' voice to creep into the argument. This voice is our negative experience which always seems to have a louder voice. And so begins the argument with oneself and the 'idiot' inside draws us down to that level. That voice is saying you will never be successful, or will never do better. Suddenly the voice has won and talked us out of even trying.

Drown out the 'idiot' voice and give center stage to your voice that encourages.

There is a voice inside each of us that encourages and one which teaches you lessons that will give rise to success. It all starts with believing in oneself, in letting the 'smart'voice win the argument inside. Believe in yourself and let the 'idiot'inside go argue with someone else.

Stay inspired my friends!

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