Monday, February 17, 2014

Life Happens

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” - John Lennon

We can spend tons of time to plan and plan even more on how we want life to be. Some of those plans become reality and others do not. But as we go about charting our future, life rolls along at its own pace adding excitement to our planning; adding adventure to the process. How you react and adapt to what life does will help determine the success or failure of your plans. All of this occurs in big ways and in smaller portions of your daily living.

It could be a major breakthrough or a large disaster that changes the course of everything around you.

It could be an important day at work and spilling your morning coffee on your clothes.

Big or little, it is just life rolling along.

You can choose to lay down in misery and wallow in self despair. Or you can choose to rise above it all, to learn and move on. Maybe you won a major lottery jackpot, how are you going to react. Many of us would naturally be jumping for joy. Yet what type of person are you going to be once the cheers of congratulation fade away?

Everything can change in an instant, everything can change in small ways, it is what life does to us.

Prepare yourself to adapt to those changes and to sense when changes begin to occur. Keep your attitude strong through both the good and the bad. The excitement of change awaits around every corner and behind every door. When change happens, movement occurs and so will you. Boldly accept the challenge of life and thrill at the moments which await you.

Stay inspired my friends!

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