Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Learned Experience

And if my heart be scarred and burned, The safer, I, for all I learned.” ― Dorothy Parker

Many things happen in life that we would just as soon not have to go through or deal with. It could be small minor things such as a flat tire, an expensive electric bill, or possibly a small stomach ache. There are also major ones in life such as job loss, divorce or death of a loved one.

There are many flavors in between all of the daily living we do.

We tend to focus on these bad things which happen to and while that may seem like enough, the television and newspaper stir up our lives with everything else. The good in life never seems to have a chance to surface and breath. The negative will always try to consume us until it feels like complete darkness.

The message remains that it is going to be okay.

When you fail at something, it is going to be okay. When you have issues going on in life, things will change. From failure or pain will be a new thing learned about yourself. There will be something you will learn from the situation, large or small.

That something can propel you to something greater.

If a person gets terribly ill and you have to face their death, remember the cycle of life will never end. Take from the experience what you learn or experience from having known the person. Turn that experience into a memorable and loving one.

Life occurs in cycles of good, bad and sometimes the ugly.

What we can do is not let the negative dictate our life. You are in control of your own attitude towards all the good, bad or ugly. The greatness comes from not allowing negative things in life to keep you down. Greatness comes from living life and knowing everything is going to be okay.

Stay inspired my friends!

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