Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Rush

I’m in no hurry: the sun and the moon aren’t, either. Nobody goes faster than the legs they have. If where I want to go is far away, I’m not there in an instant.
Alberto Caeiro

The author Leigh Hershkovich has written “In the rush of life, it is quite easy to forget what’s important. As cliche as this is, it’s easy to take life for granted when you don’t have time to focus properly. It is only when life diverts from the ‘plan’ that we suddenly take time to see what is really important.”

A poignant and true statement of how easily we get wrapped up in trying to create a life instead of living our lives.

Not only do we speed about our day during the holiday Christmas rush, but most every day of the year we are pressing along faster and faster. No one is a stranger to this way of life. Multi-tasking with a cup of coffee in one hand, the other feverishly working the computer mouse; a day's worth of tasks to complete.

We rush through the grocery store shopping for the next holiday meal, all the while a cell phone is planted to our ear discussing even more plans. All of this having to occur before we pick up the kids, the dry cleaning or a day planner calendar.

A glance at the wall clock and wonder where the time went.

Have we forgotten how live life and are simply rushing around creating life instead? Do you ever slow down and enjoy longer moments or are those moments only fleeting? Can you slow down the rush of Christmas, of the month, the day or the hour and live what is important?

The maddening speed of Christmas is increasing even more as we near the actual day. Stop for a few minutes in your gift buying, in your perfect meal planning, in your party participation and reflect on the wonders of your life. Reflect upon the important things that will carry you to the end.

There is no need to reach the end in an instant. Enjoy this time, every day and the great and grand things in and about your life.

Stay inspired my friends.

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