Thursday, February 19, 2015

Help Wanted

"Chance is always powerful. Let your hook always be cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish." - Ovid

We can become very discouraged when our run of luck seems to have gone dry one too many times. We become self-defeating in our attempt to rise above circumstance. When we reach that point, taking a chance never enters our mind.

Yet in this excerpt from CHANGED LIVES, we find one man who was down to nothing.

Chance was all he had left, yet it was more than chance.

It was a willingness to walk through a door and talk to a man named Milt.


I was looking for a job anywhere with no luck, moving from bit work to hand outs for helping on daily labor, when I walked by a clothing store with a help wanted sign in the window. There I was, fully confident that the outcome of me going in and applying would be the typical 'thanks but no thanks'.

I turned to walk away when a gentleman smoking a cigarette in a little cigarette holder asked if I was looking at the help wanted sign. I replied that I was but knew I probably couldn't get that kind of job. That's when the gentleman who was Milt Harm, manager of the store introduced himself and invited me in to "just talk".


Opportunity comes in ways you least expect.

But in order to allow opportunity to present itself, you have to keep moving; to keep taking chances in life. I know those who would sit on their couch and believe or expect opportunity comes knocking on their front door. Sadly you will never be found.

It takes getting out there, taking risk, taking chance.

Opportunity will cross our path once we walk out the front door and expose ourselves to life.

Keep moving, keep trying and maybe Milt will invite you in to just talk.

Stay inspired my friends!

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