Monday, February 16, 2015

Life of a Virus Part One

"It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts." - Robert H. Schuller

The common cold virus attaches to cells and helps create the miserable symptoms associated with a cold. It is efficient at spreading itself both inside your body and in using your body to spread it to other people.

It has three purposes; invade, destroy and duplicate.

This virus seeks out the human body in which it can invade, looking for our weakest entry points. Once inside it works to attach and begin its destructive process on our body. Once establishing itself, the process of duplicating and finding ways to spread within your body and to others begins. Our body becomes a 'loaded gun' which fires the virus at other humans.

The same can be said of negative thoughts and ideas. An incorrect idea becomes lodged inside of us and can have a large impact on our thinking.

Take a very simple example. I grew up being a very inquisitive boy. My sister said that I asked, to put it nicely, a lot of questions. When I was quite a bit younger, I had been asking why Art Garfunkel was no longer singing with Paul Simon (singing duo Simon & Garfunkel). Likely annoyed by my questions, she said Art Garfunkel had died.

Simple enough I thought and went about the years thinking he had died. Then in 1981, I was watching a concert from New York's Central Park. There he was, Art Garfunkel playing beside Paul Simon. Laugh all you want, I do. Here was a belief I had held for many years, completely false, but stuck in my mind like a virus. I am sure that I spread this wrong information to others during those early years.

Now the idea of Art Garfunkel being dead did not have any ill effects on me. But other types of ideas can have a devastating effect upon our life. Racism, abuse, cults, and most anything that would freeze you into believing in something wrong, hurtful or negative. Long held beliefs can be difficult to clear from our mind. If these beliefs are bad enough and destructive enough, there are professionals to help.

Negative thoughts and ideas can permeate into and through you to others.

This virus will find your weakest point and make its way inside. From there it will seek to destroy anything good within you. It will use you as a carrier to infect other people. An efficient and destructive cycle begins to take place from generation to generation if you do not stop it.

But how to stop it?

Read tomorrow's article...and stay inspired my friends.

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