Monday, February 09, 2015

Reaching For Success

"Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” - Benjamin Franklin

When I travel to various places around the world there is always an opportunity to speak with people who want to stretch their limits. They are working in a particular position or industry but they want something more. They will tell me of their desire to move up, move out or move on from what currently consumes their life.

They tell me of their problems in pursuing their dreams and goals.

I always ask them not what the problem is but what are they doing about the problem. I ask my question because I am sure they have a well defined idea of what the problem is. They have spent countless hours thinking about the problem in most cases. What they do not have is a well defined idea of how to solve the problem.

The reality is we spend a huge amount of energy concentrating on the problem.

And the problem still exists because we have not devoted our energy to solving the problem. The answer many give is that they are afraid to do anything because of past failures. It is true that the act of movement might result in many failure. Those failures can be hurtful; so much you give up on even trying.

What we never seem to give up on is complaint.

We devote time and energy to complaint while if we devoted as much time on solving the problem, we might just push through the failures and complaints. With each successive step we take, we walk further away from the complaint. We keep moving forward. We keep reaching out to solve the problem.

Reach out towards a time when you will be far removed from the problem.

Problems may appear to be a mountain that is insurmountable, but with movement you reach out and get to the top. The failures may seem to pile up making the top seem even further away, but they will seem insignificant once you are past them.

Keep reaching and success will be yours.

Stay inspired my friends.

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