Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday Favorite - Shrinking the Sea

I work for EMC Corporation and our yearly customer conference called EMC World is nearing once again. For a Friday Favorite, I am re-posting a very popular article I wrote back in 2010. I hope you enjoy it as well.

"I think people are isolated because of the nature of human consciousness, and they like it when they feel the connection between themselves and someone else."
- James Taylor

Here I sit on the third full day of EMC World, a yearly technology conference put on by the company I work for. Many of us assist, present and meet with customers to give them more detail on our products and services. This year is no different with a large turn out of people. there are roughly 7,000 people roaming the Boston Convention Center this particular day.

There is always something new and exciting which happens at an event this large. Sometimes stressful, sometimes exhilarating and sometimes just tiring. But the experience is always enjoyable because of the people.

With such a large crowd of people moving about, you can begin to feel like a small boat out in the middle of a very large ocean.

Miles from the shore or miles from anyone you know; it can result in feeling very much alone.

Yet there is an expectation you just might run into someone you haven't seen in a long time. A familiar face suddenly appearing within the crowd with a smile intended just for you. It can lift even the most weather beaten individual. All at once comfort in this large crowd occurs and you become connected.

Within this large sea of people, there is also opportunity to lift and inspire other people. A chance exists to do something in their life, to make a connection and not leave them alone out in the vastness of crowd. These people can become new friends, new influence in your life or be pushed to a higher level of greatness.

Conventions can be a workload to some, but to me it is a chance to connect with others. It is an opportunity to make a difference, large or small in the lives of other people.

And it doesn't simply happen at conventions.

The ocean is large and vast, so is your life and the influence you carry each day.

Whether it be at EMC World, your job, in school or at the grocery store; connecting with others can have a significant impact. You can be the one that changes the life of another person with a simple smile and hello.

Approach each day believing that someone in the crowd is waiting for you. Waiting for you to be that friendly face with a smile just for them.

When you do, that large and expansive sea of people will become a little smaller.

To those at EMC World, enjoy the final two days and do not lose this chance to connect with someone new. Change their day and next year at EMC World in Las Vegas, you just might see that familiar face in the crowd smiling back at you.

Stay inspired my friends!

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