Monday, May 11, 2015

Amongst the Madness

It was madness. And, as Finan had said, sometimes madness works.
Bernard Cornwell

I have just returned from five days working a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, the city also known as Sin City or Lost Wages. A day or night overload of ones senses. A constant ingest of sounds, lights and visual madness. It was also a chance to conduct EMCWorld 2015, showcasing some of the world's greatest data storage technology.

It was connecting with people.

When you put on a convention in a city such as Las Vegas, the risk of what grabs a person's attention is constantly at play. One has to decide the importance of a new virtual storage system discussion over the ringing and dinging of a slot machine. It is called a vVNX if you are interested in checking it out.

It was also connecting with people.

What I find most interesting about Las Vegas are the people. I am not speaking of the residents of Las Vegas outside of "The Strip" where all the bells and whistles are. I am pretty sure Las Vegas is like any other city outside of the 4-mile strip of madness and the residents are as well. But walk through the casinos, the buffet lines, the shoppes and the convention halls; this is the interesting piece of being in Las Vegas.

It was constant connections with people.

Over the course of four days, I participated in over thirty customer meetings, there were breakout sessions to attend and the impromptu hallway meetings. I met old friends and created new friendships. There was a lot of information sharing but there was a lot of information learning from listening to people. It was not simply the noise of a Las Vegas game of chance.

It was about connecting with people.

Sure, everyone had fun in a lot of different ways. After a long year of relative peace and quiet, Las Vegas lends itself to the short term visitor offering many forms of madness. But within the madness are the people and that is what works.

Stay inspired my friends.

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