Thursday, May 14, 2015

Passing Through Your Tunnel

"Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway." - Robert Anthony

We stand within our circumstance, surrounded by walls of doubt all around us.

Before us is a single path to take us from where we are.

It is a long and rough tunnel which has a barely visible light at the end of it.

There is a choice we can make at this point besides simply remaining within our current situation. It takes courage to move towards that light in the tunnel. It is an unknown journey with no promise of greater things. So we stand and ponder all of the possible outcomes.

The odd thing is we know where we are here and now. We know what the current holds for us; the sameness of our circumstance somehow feels comfortable. So you hesitate to enter the tunnel and move forward with your life. The comfort of where we are as opposed to being surrounded by walls of doubt and indecision make it harder to move any further.

One may think the walls might simply collapse in upon you. But with a bit of courage and desire, the tunnel is passable. There will be a new beginning on the other side when you enter into its light.

Be brave and courageous to take the journey towards a new future.

Fill your pocket with the dreams and goals you have held so long. These will help drive you towards the end. As you arrive at your destination, you will have an ability to close the tunnel to the past. The sun will shine brighter and the view will be fantastic.

Stay inspired my friends.

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