Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pulling Open The Door

"A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of." - Ogden Nash

You hear a dog barking. A dog standing behind a closed door, barking at whatever lay beyond it. He senses that something is on the other side but can not get to it. His curiosity drives him to seek out the door every day, possibly hoping the door is open.

Are you standing behind a closed door?

Do you go through life wondering if greater things exist beyond your current circumstances? Does your curiosity have you seek out the door in hope that it is open? If the door handle is there, why have we not tried to open it?

Each of us have a yearning to see what is beyond a closed door. And we each have the ability to find out by simply opening the door and walking through. In a book I wrote, Changed Lives, the stories vary, but each person chose to walk through a door to find a new way.

The hardest part is choosing to open the door.

The door in your life could be one of many different choices or obstacles. It is keeping you from believing in new possibilities. We trap ourselves behind these doors we have erected. They are limitations built by us.

We tell ourselves this is all we can do; that nothing else possible lay beyond what we are. Slowly we install the door frame, adding the hinges which will hold our door. Suddenly one day you push the door shut and with a click of the latch, you have closed all possibility.

Any door closed can also be opened.

I have seen it happen to so people. I have experienced it myself. It is a wonderful thing once you simply believe in yourself. To see life transform into something greater is a fantastic feeling. To have the courage to pull open the door.

It can be done, you can do it. All it takes is stepping up to that door, grabbing the handle and opening the door. The light might blind and disorient you at first. But then the light will warm you. Your eyes will begin to see things with more clarity.

Now simply walk through the door and begin to experience the change.

Change and experience a life full on the other side of that closed door. And stay inspired my friends!

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