Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Open Mind

Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.” - Charles F. Kettering

It was very early one morning, only 5:50 AM without any light trying to paint the day just yet. I was leaving my hotel for an early start on a two-hour drive. Just across the street stood an open McDonalds Restaurant. It was a chance to grab a morning coffee for the long drive ahead.

A few people sat, reading a morning paper or enjoying their "Mc-whatever". I was more interested in a large coffee to go in order. My haste was in hitting the road early. But as I made my way from the counter, an older gentleman came up to me.

He asked me, "Do you have an open mind?"

Startled and defensive at first, I asked him about what? He simply asked again if I have an open mind, continuing with "an open mind about life in general." Quickly I tried to assess his motive for asking and then simply responded, "Yes, I do have an open mind."

He responded, "That is great, have a good day."

I left the restaurant repeating in my mind what had just happened. Maybe I was overthinking it too much. Maybe I was finding it much more profound then it really was. It did make me consider what the question meant.

As we live our lives, do we have an open mind to the changes which can and will occur? Are we open to possibility, to love, to greatness, or just to doing things differently?

After a few miles driven down the road I was able to finally ease off of the question. Before I did, there was a definite sense, a real belief, that I do have an open mind. I have the ability to accept new things in my life. Not always easily but then not everything in life is easy to accept.

Do you have an open mind which will allow you to accept possibility?

Is your mind open enough to imagine greater things for your life?

Brave new adventures exist out there that will take you to bigger things. All you have to do is open your mind.

Stay inspired my friends.

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