Friday, March 04, 2016

Look Inside For Talent

"Go and do your gift everyday." - Phil Pringle, Meditations

Watch all of those television commercials while relaxing during the evening after work. You will hear announcer carnival barking the next great thing we need in our life. Truly amazing how good they are at their jobs, a gift no doubt.

The "Easy Jet Water Cannon", "One Piece Dryer Ball", and even a "Three Speaker Rodent Repeller" are must have products. There are so many things materially, monetary, job, or relationship related that we get pumped up to want. Eventually we become immune to what we have already and end up only wanting.

We also tend to forget what we already have inside of us.

It is a talent of some sort that if we don't look inward, we will never see it. The gift will get blurred by the want of other things. And it is a talent so unique because it is your talent. It must also be nurtured and brought out into the light of day.

Once a talent is recognized and understood, it can be shared with others. As you develop your talent, draw yourself to others who can help you build upon it.

The quality of those we surround our self with reflect the advice and life we get. Same is the quality of water you drink is only as good as the quality of the well drawn from. The well needs to be tended and cared for or it will fall into disrepair. A poor well will only create sickness and misery.

Surrounding yourself with good people, the water drawn will refresh you.

Do what you can to shut out the unnecessary noise and wants of life. Concentrate on the gift which already exists inside. Use your gift everyday and see how much your world expands.

Stay inspired my friends!

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