Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time As It Passes

"Time is that quality of nature which keeps events from happening all at once." - Anonymous

There is so much we want to happen here and now. We want the special someone to appear, that new home or car, kids or high-level position at work. We want everything and all in a matter of moments.

Yet we know patience and time will take place before we get any of it.

Then there are days when so much occurs to us. In the quote given above, it continues by saying "... lately it doesn't seem to be working." This is the part where all of the turmoil or pain seems to enter in.

We go through days when all of the world seems to be falling in upon us. Down deep though we know time will pass and all will be well once again. But it certainly does not seem to be the case when you are in the thick of it. The existence of time has a way of working for us and at other times against us.

Time is just that, time. You draw a long line and place a dot on it to mark your location.

Our journey in life is a human one and time passes on to the next event or events. Know the passing of time will change our circumstance and condition. Whatever is going on in your life at this moment, time will pass and things can change.

Stay inspired my friends!

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