Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Journey Continued

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill

His home appeared much more quiet then normal. Through the living room to the dining room and kitchen one could tell people lived here. There was proof of existence but yet no one to be found. For an hour he sat in the quiet of the house, contemplating what had become of his life.

Darkness had fallen when the lights of a car pulled into the driveway.

His wife had returned from some place, he couldn't remember where it is she had said. Think, what was it she had told him but the memory was not there. When entering the darkened house, she began to turn on the lights, startled to find him there in the darkness. Pleasant exchanges of 'how was your day' occurred but no warmness.

They were two boats upon the water drifting steadily apart.

He asked where the kids were and she reminded him of what had been said that morning. None of what she said could he remember. Was he living life on auto-pilot, letting the world around him drift by as he worked so hard to provide for them? His family was floating away and he was starting to see the last traces of his current life.

There are many different outcomes to trouble within a marriage or family.

Some people are able to work and resolve their issues. Some get the help needed to correct the wrongs. While others end up on the end of a broken relationship the complications associated with it. There are many avenues to a solution and how each of us conduct ourselves through that process determines our level of pain and recovery.

This man's relationship disintegrated and his life was falling in around him. Everything he had worked so hard for was gone. He had forgotten to live a life of giving to those around him. Not just money and things, but of himself to family and friends.

Now what was he going to do.

Even the momentary light of a partially open door did not seem to warm him anymore. Was this the end or just the beginning? All of us find a way to move on from pain and heartache. It is not easy and some take longer than others, but we do get to pass through that open door.

Keep pushing along, taking those daily steps, forgiving yourself and forgiving the pain caused. Talk to people if only to have them listen. Get the pain out in the open where the light of day will wash it slowly away. Your strength to survive and find a new and better life is greater than we give ourselves credit for.

Be more than a survivor.

Be a better person with a greater life.

It happens because I am proof of it.

Stay inspired my friends.

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