Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Simple Way

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” - Dr. Seuss

There are days when you struggle to figure out what you want, need or would like to do. There are distractions happening all around you and the answers simply do not come along.

For me, I have those days trying to find the answers to questions posed to me. In some instances, I struggle for a good share of time on and then I simply set them aside for a while. In those moments I will go and do something completely different.

Take my mind off the issue, allowing it to open up.

Typically I will research other issues, read part of a book, or even surf the web just throwing out search words. In once particular case I searched the internet using the words "doctor seuss answers" because I figured he always has an answer for most anything.

And something new out of the blue happens.

As I read through the information, the quote shown above struck me as simple enough. So I went back to the work problem and started from scratch looking only at the most basic and simple of solutions. To my delight, the solution came fairly quickly.

It was a reasonably simple solution as well. Was it Dr. Seuss who helped me find the answer or dumb luck? I tend to think it was a matter of looking at it from a different perspective; the easy perspective.

We tend to over complicate our lives and over think it.

Sometimes the answer is truly simple and it is the question we made complicated. Try not to over complicate your life. Sometimes the best way to get past the complicated is by choosing not to let it be complicated.

Taking the simple path you can get to your destination quicker. If a boulder sits in the way, it might be easier to walk around rather then trying to roll it out of the way. You will find a way.

Stay inspired my friends

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