Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kanpai Everyone

I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing.” ― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

A serious week of news has been filled with serious issues confronting our global society. For many the anxiety of what is occurring and of the unknown can be overwhelming. Others will dig into their respective stance on both ends of the spectrum.

There will be arguments and exaggerated solutions and reasons given. The answers will not come easy and many will end up in conflict, tears or pain over what seems like an impossible future to overcome. The direction we are headed on is not in agreement.

Our future is never ensured, so kanpai everyone!

In history, people had the same fears, disagreements and uncertainty. All felt the same anxieties and of possible doom as the only future left for them. Think of the dark ages after fall of the Roman Empire when society had to reinvent itself.

There were structures of organization, leadership and even invention and art which needed to grow anew. People were looking for ways to govern themselves, feed themselves and care for the sick. It was an uncertain future each were trying to survive.

Yet their future was not ensured, so kanpai everyone!

The industrial revolution brought great advancement, jobs and new skills. It also brought abuse of the working class, sickness related to new technologies and pennies paid for labor borne on the backs of many. The struggle for a better life continued.

Immigration brought hope to so many but it also brought failed dreams, crowded living conditions, disease and crime. All ere struggling to understand and build a new future the best way they could. It was a future they wanted today and for their children.

And we know the future is not ensured, so kanpai everyone!

The great world war, Nazism and near mass destruction of a whole group of peoples dimmed the hopes of so many. Death, pain, abuse and being subjected to unimaginable horrors were a part of the landscape for a long period of time that even the future was hard to believe in.

Society was near an end and hope seemed impossible but society fought on and through the times. And time did pass even as we argued with each other, fought together and defeated those things which kept us from looking forward to a better time. The struggle was as real as it was in any time in history.

The future was not ensured, so kanpai everyone!

Now we see ourselves today, struggling with a widening economic divide, between the violence of those who use a twisted view of their religion, between opinions of who or who should not be trusted, of us against whomever your favorite them is. A deepening of our distrust for each other.

The struggle is real most certainly and the answers are not easily defined in a tweet, social media post or cute meme. The conversation is that we are worse off then ever in our history but history would beg to differ. It is just a struggle and all struggles are relative only to the present time.

But the future will occur, so kanpai everyone!

Let us laugh and cheer at life no matter what the struggle is. We will find a way to get ourselves into the future. I know so because the future will bring us there regardless of what we do. So kanpai (cheers) for life and our future.

Stay inspired my friends.

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