Friday, June 03, 2016

To Do Something

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

Today is not a day to bring us down with bad news. It is a day to shout out to the world the hope of new things, of miracles, of comfort and of goodness that comes from everything we encounter. It is with this hope we move forward and accomplish great things amid the pain and anguish life presents us at various times.

Both of the following requests are for your support, in any size you can to help ease the burden the family of a nephew and the family of my fired are going through. While we can offer our thoughts, prayers and good words of encouragement, each of them can use financial support as they embark on their journey.

Please take a moment, click on the links and read of each and then act if you will in support of them.

Thank you and stay inspired my friends.

On May 22nd Taylor was injured in a very horrific accident.

Taylor was melting aluminum in his kiln, as he had done many hundreds of times. After the metal was boiling hot he removed it from the kiln and turned to dump it into his molding pan when a bubble exploded into his face, neck, shoulders, chest and upper torso area. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 18% of his body. Taylor has been very lucky to be able to retain, at least at this time, his whole tongue.

His eyes, however, are not as lucky. When the molten metal flew into his eyes he instinctively closed them. this also did severe damage to the underside of his eyelids. It is unknown at this time if Taylor can see at all, or if he ever will again.

As Taylor continues to remain in an induced coma in Swedish Hospitals Burn Unit in Englewood, Co, his bills begin to mount. Taylor is a homeowner and landlord who never fails to pay his bills. He is a hard worker and takes care of his responsibilities. We are trying to raise funds to keep his bills paid up while he is unable to work, to meet his insurance deductible, and to repair the damage to the home from a fire that started as a result of the metal which flew all around.

Please help Taylor during this difficult time and to get back onto his feet easier in the weeks and months to come.

Shane Kavanagh Tremper was born on Friday, May 6, 2016. He was born on his due date - 8 pounds even and 20 inches long.

Mary's pregnancy was smooth and without complication, but shortly after going into labor on Friday morning, it became clear that Baby Shane was having some difficulties. His heart rate was dropping with every contraction and the ultrasound completed that day showed swelling and fluid in his brain. In a meeting with the Neurology and Oncology teams, Mary and Jamie learned that Baby Shane had been born with a brain tumor in the left side of his brain. The tumor had done extensive and irreparable damage to most of his brain at some point during the pregnancy.

There have been many questions that are difficult, if not impossible, to answer. Mary's pregnancy was healthy and uncomplicated, and there were no signs of the tumor at the 20 week routine ultrasound. It is extremely rare for a baby to be born with a brain tumor and for it to have caused such extensive damage so quickly. The doctors have said the tumor could likely be cancerous, but they won't/can't do a biopsy to determine for sure; even if the tumor was able to be removed, Baby Shane will still have severe developmental, motor, visual, and cognitive issues due to the damage already done before birth.

There is no telling how the tumor will play out and what will happen, nor is there an estimate for a prognosis or timeline. There will be an idea of how rapidly and aggressively the tumor is growing once a repeat comparative MRI is done in June, but doctors are unsure what will happen before that point.

Until then, Mary and Jamie have decided they want to focus on maximizing Baby Shane's quality of life - to keep him comfortable, give him lots of snuggles, and to count each day with him as a blessing.

Your assistance by donating a few dollars is greatly appreciated by myself and the families.

And thank you.

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