Monday, August 08, 2016

Compassion Follows

"Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves." - Mason Cooley

Each of us have witnessed on television the devastating images from Japan when a tsunami hit their shores in 2011. An earthquake and then a large scale tsunami wreaked widespread death and destruction.

One could not help but be moved to compassion for those affected.

The Wednesday before this natural disaster occurred, I was flying through Tokyo on my way home. During my four hour layover an airline club representative told me I had just missed the rumblings of an early morning earthquake.

Little did I or anyone around me know what was about to happen.

As I have written before, the unexpected will happen in life. But it can be in our hearts to spill over with compassion when others are hurt. And compassion not only happens during great disasters, but compassion can be an everyday piece of your heart.

There are people all around us in need.

Some more then others have great needs and others with smaller needs just to help them get through the day. It does not mean we are ranking the needs of people. Just know that everyone has needs which are important to them.

When you rise above yourself, compassion for others will naturally follow.

Individually we can not solve all or even many of the worlds problems. But start small, start with yourself, start by simply having compassion where it is needed. Eventually you will find yourself among others doing great things.

Stay inspired my friends!

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