Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Joy Of It All

"A cheerful spirit is one of the most valuable gifts ever bestowed upon humanity by a kind Creator. It is the sweetest and most fragrant flower of the Spirit, that constantly sends out its beauty and fragrance, and blesses everything within its reach. It will sustain the soul in the darkest and most dreary places of this world. It will hold in check the demons of despair, and stifle the power of discouragement and hopelessness. It is the brightest star that ever cast its radiance over the darkened soul, and one that seldom sets in the gloom of morbid fancies and foreboding imaginations." - James H. Aughey

Every day you rise and go about your day. Each of those days will be different.

Some days will be filled with mundane ordinary events while others will be filled with stress. Days of glee and happiness can be followed by pain and sorrow.

For every one of those days we will have emotional and physical responses to deal with. How you choose to handle these daily changes determines just how good or bad the day will be. The daily effort to move forward with life will be affected by these day-to-day changes.

With some level of cheerfulness in your heart, those days will be made better when all of the world seems upon you. But while you work at living, do not forget to enjoy life along the way.

Even with the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, the joy and sadness; try to enjoy life along the way for it passes much too quickly.

Stay inspired my friends!

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