Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Where Does The Buck Stop

"When you blame others, you give up your power to change." - Robert Anthony

When things go wrong, some people will refuse to accept the blame or consider themselves to be at fault. They prefer to blame external factors, forces, people, situations, or circumstances.

In extreme cases we may deny that there is a problem. In other cases, we may try to reduce the reasons for its severity or as for our involvement by assigning the blame elsewhere so that fingers are not pointed at us.

There is an old saying, "When you point a finger at somebody you point three fingers at yourself."

More times then not, the idea that three fingers are pointed back at you is a subtle reminder that you may need to accept responsibility.

Someone who carried responsibility was United States President Harry S Truman. A sign on his desk was there to remind him. It simply said, "The buck stops here." There was no one else to blame. As president, he could not kick the blame higher.

This is not the case with the rest of us.

We tend to assign blame to others. Yet why do we do it? Are we taught to do so? How does it affect us? How does is keep us from becoming better individuals?

There are three things you can think about when it comes to stopping the blaming and accepting responsibility for your life;

1. Learn to accept and value yourself just the way you are now. Even though it continues to be important to maintain goals for your future, self-esteem is how you can evaluate yourself here in the present.

2. Learn that people should not be blamed for their human frailties. Meaning people will have faults, no one is perfect. So don't blame people simply for not being perfect.

3. Learn how to acquire and appreciate positive reinforcement. When you treat others with dignity and respect, it is very likely you will receive positive treatment in return.

There are many other ideas on how to accept responsibility in your life.

There could be others at fault at various times, but be quick to understand your part in all that happens. You will find that you learn more and take away more from the situation then would have occurred by blaming others. Blame does not advance our lives, it only holds us back.

Assume responsibility for your life and take it farther than before.

Stay inspired my friends.

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