Monday, December 12, 2016

Living With The Fool

Ask a sage, he will explain. Ask a fool, he will complain.” ― Toba Beta

I have been on a self-imposed respite taking time to relax a bit from the rigors of work and life in general. My wife an I took a trip together and it was very good to revitalize my thoughts and concerns on many fronts.

There has been the presidential election, a multitude of work related activities and the normal, crazy family home-life that goes with having a number of children and grand-children. So off we went on our first ship cruise.

In the course of our travel, we came to port in a couple of destinations which have your typical merchants who are looking to part you with your money. It is capitalism at both its best and worst on display.

There are the standard tourist shops where trinkets next door to upscale fashion shops, each plying their wares to visitors on vacation. Most items are no better in quality or price then could be found at home.

But we purchase as proof we were there.

We also encountered the hucksters, peddling their fake or cheap goods trying to bargain for a price well above the value of those items. They do so in order to capture the unsuspecting buyer trying to garner a great deal.

For the majority of those voting with their dollars, they walked away from these hustlers who were acting the fool. Each person who walked away could see through the true intent of the carnival on display.

The remaining buyers were looking for something different and hearing of the promise that a great deal lay in front of them. So they bought, they paid, they listened to the fool and made their way home with the take.

But they learned they were the fool.

So much can be written about how a hawker with a good story accomplishes his task. In the end, he can go about his way with fresh new money firmly in his grasp. The buyer sits wondering why they bought the story, penniless in pride.

All of us can learn a lesson from the fool dancing his perceived value, his supposed story, his talk of greatness.

But we must also remind ourselves that if we have bought it, we must live with it and the consequences of having done so.

Stay inspired my friends!

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