Friday, January 13, 2017

Pulling That Wagon

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up.” ― John C. Maxwell

When did that day come for you? It was the day when you finally figured out that childhood was over. A moment in which you made the decision to contribute to life instead of simply taking. Each of us reach it somewhere along a point in time of our life. Some reach it before others while others probably never will reach it.

The moment is responsibility, that juncture in time when we accept responsibility for not only our own life but for the lives of those around us. I have heard it said the following way, "Maturity happens when you move from being a 'guest in the hotel' to being a 'person serving in your own home', life takes on a meaning."

Meaningful life occurs in different flavors and colors.

A common theme of having a meaningful life is being the type of person who serves others surrounding us and those who pass through our life. It means being productive in some manner and getting rid of selfish attitudes. There are many people who never reach this selflessness and continue to hold on to selfish thoughts and complaint.

A speaker at a conference I attended put it this way, "Anthony Robbins says to 'awake the giant within'. I say to 'slap the weasel within us' and be a part of life." Which means you cannot achieve a greater life until you deal with your own issues and move on to better things.

Pulling that wagon of rocks forever and ever.

One way to describe it could be "carrying your baggage" around with you all day. I refer to it as pulling a wagon full of rocks as you search for meaning in life. So many people will spend all day pulling this wagon looking for someone else to either take the rocks or to pull the wagon for them.

Get rid of the rocks, let it go and move on. Take those rocks and lay them to the side and ease your load. Once you have done this, you can get onto more important things. You can help others unload their wagon and make room for the important stuff in life.

It doesn't mean to replace your rocks with another persons rocks.

It means making room in your life to be more productive, making more room to help others; making more room to have a greater life which is not held back by old pains, old hurts, old and negative attitudes. It means getting on with the life we have been given.

Accept responsibility for yourself and others will be amazed at the transformation within you. When you can take care of yourself, you can then help others. Once that moment happens, meaning will come into your life and purpose will become clear.

Stay inspired my friends!

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