Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clear Your Vision

"You'll see it when you believe it." ~Wayne Dyer

There is a story in the Bible of a blind begger who was healed of blindness (John 9:1-11). The begger had been blind since birth and was healed in a miracle of intervention by another man. There are many theologians that could detail the significance of this story, but the story itself is practical in how we could apply its lesson in every day life.

One could argue that the blindness of this person (or you) could be a story of not believing in oneself. And until you do believe in your own abilities and potential, the picture of your life and where you want to be will never be achieved. You will be blind to the potential of what and who you are.

The story also reveals that our blindness is our burden and not something we can blame upon others. His parents raised him well, his friends were there by his side but he used his blindness as an excuse. He used it as a reason to claim he would never rise above his affliction and resigned himself to being a begger.

Your life will be afflicted with blindness until you understand that belief in what you can achieve comes down to you. Only you can make that change which will open your eyes. Once you believe in yourself, only then will the blindness go away and the ability to see achievement in life as being possible.

It starts with seeing your own potential, of ridding that self-blindness.

Never try to limit yourself on what you can see in life. Never accept your blindness as a limit to possibility.

Stay inspired my friends.

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