Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As Time Goes

"Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, Time stays, we go." ~Henry Austin Dobson

Not too long ago my wife and I decided to have breakfast at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant. It was a nice breakfast for two as we were winding down from a busy weekend. As we sat there, I looked at all of the old tools and signs that adorned the walls. Each of them were gentle reminders of times long past.

The various items tend to keep the eyes busy as one waits for their meal to arrive. These items also spark discussion over just what this or that particular tool or item was. You can also reminisce about a sign advertising "Old Virginia Cheroots" cigars wondering where the magic of those times went.

As I looked around, something struck me about the pictures on the walls. There were old pictures of people posing for portraits or family photos. I had to wonder what these people may wonder about their personal photos being displayed in a modern day restaurant. Would they object, would they have ever thought they would end up in a restaurant? Will we object when all of our Facebook pictures are used in the same manner many years from now.

I also began to wonder what the story was behind each of the family photographs. How did each of them come to have their photograph taken, for what occassion and how they ended up lost to a restaurant chain.

I then noticed an old crank phone on one wall under one of the numerous photos.

What if I could pick up that old phone and place a call into the past. Would those people in the photographs answer, would they even want to speak with me once they heard my wild story from the future? If they didn't think I was completely crazy, how wonderful would their story be that they could tell. It would be a story of their life and experience which would fill a book.

The problem is that I can not dial up the past. I can only look at their photographs and wonder. I can imagine what the story of their lives were, growing to an old age and believe that they experienced a great life.

I can also imagine the same for myself.

You can imagine the same for your life.

We can live a great life and end up on a wall as a photograph in some distant future. Those future viewers of our pictures will reveal the same thing, that we lived a wondrous life. Our pictures will reveal to them that life can be great. Our future viewers will feel better about themselves, as you can right here and now.

Believe in and have a great life. Also, stay inspired my friends.

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