Monday, March 12, 2012

Sylvia Alter

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." -Irish saying

I begin this week with a story of loss. It is a story that many people go through daily, but each has impact on an individual basis. It impacts people when you may not even realize it. The person down the hall at work, the lady at the grocery check out, or the driver in front of you on the freeway.

Each of them and so many others are impacted by the death of someone close. I am one of those in that I lost my Aunt Sylvia. Her children, Diana and Rick along with grand children, relatives, friends and many others are feeling a loss today. Each of them are experiencing a void in their life.

My Aunt Sylvia lived in Sioux City, Iowa; often referred to as Siouxland. It is a place that marks the general area that my American ancestors lived, worked and played. Aunt Sylvia called it home and it is where her children were born and raised. The place where a home was created and all that knew her felt the love which embodied her.

Like my own mother, Aunt Sylvia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Time would not be on her side and it took her rather quickly. We can each empathize with family. But it did give them a chance to grab hold of those remaining days. It allowed them to create some final memories filled with love, forgiveness and hope.

My sympathies go out to her family, my prayers go out to them and for Aunt Sylvia. My happiness for her now is undeniable, her place is happy and filled with love. No pain, no sorrow, no worry is her reward. She can look peacefuly down upon all of us and smile.

When the time of her passing and funeral begin to fade away, the loving memories of her will grow. I know it, I believe and I live it each day with the passing of my mother. Be assured that those memories will fill you with greater love and the pain will ease away.

We love you Aunt Sylvia; always have and always will. Thank you for having been in my life.

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