Monday, October 29, 2012

Its Okay To Come Home

"There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again." -Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

There are so many of us that strike out on our own. We demand our birth right, to be released early into the unfolding future of growth. There might be those that try to speak into our world and tell us it is too early. We then dismiss them, distance ourselves from them and try to start fresh in a world that is many times much too cruel.

As the new experience of freedom reaches the end of it's honeymoon, the reality of our world can come crashing down. The pain and heart break of life not fulfilling all of our needs and wants can be quite harsh. We also harbor shame for turning our back on those that were part of our past. How can we possibly come home again?

You can, to open arms.

Do not be afraid to return to the ones that loved you first. To the people that raised you and provided you with a home and shelter. The clothing on your back that kept you warm in those early days remains washed and neatly folded in wait for your return.

All of us return home to find what made us that bold adventure seeker. A home that built up the person you are, awaits your return. A home that keeps the hearth burning, a warm meal and place to rest your weary feet.

It is a home with open arms.

Never mind that you may have lost all hope or love. There are open arms filled with both, waiting to wrap you in all that you need. You can come home again and be filled with all of the love that you need, with open arms.

Stay inspired my friends!

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