Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your Nature

Henry Ward Beecher is quoted as saying that, “Good nature is worth more than knowledge, more than money, more than honor, to the persons who possess it.”

Having a good nature tends to open more doors, resolve more problems and make your life generally easier. As an example, during business trips, my days are very full keeping me quite busy. My focus has to be on the issues I have been sent to deal with. It can be frustrating because I am interacting with many times a wide variety of personalities and the "nature" of people.

People can be either full of rage and discontent while others calmly handle the conditions confronting them. They are the reason and purpose most every time for my visit. So the essence of my job is to deal with both kinds and several variations of each person described above.

I am not alone in any of what I have described. Everyone, including you, have to deal with people, at some level, with varying degrees of irritation, rage, or calamity. The various personalities are a common course of human interaction. They key becomes how do you react to each of those types?

You have of course the loud lunatic trying to break you down. I call them "screamers" as they talk or yell louder then those around them. There seems to be some belief that by doing so others will work harder, listen better and produce better results.

You will also encounter the quiet type that simply stare at you. I call these folks the "low talkers" for it is difficult to gauge their temperament. They hide any expression, trying to keep you guessing wondering if progress is being made. They exercise control by never engaging.

In dealing with any of these type of people, remember they are simply people being themselves. Never take it personally because you, not they, dictate your own attitude. Take a good nature, a good attitude, with you into your connections with other people. Doing so will generate more positive results for you, for the people involved and the situation.

You will learn more from the experience. You will be under better control of yourself and the situation. You will listen better, you will talk wiser and you will just feel better after the experience.

Be of good nature, be of good heart and enjoy the life experiences of your everyday life. Stay inspired my friends.

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