Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Thoughts - 10/26/2012

Get out and vote

Here are a couple of random thoughts for this, Friday, October 26, 2012. And to start, let us talk of the pending U.S. Presidential Election. All United States citizens will vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 -- or will they?

In the 2008 election

- U.S. Census Bureau population estimates were 226 million U.S. citizens
- Of that number, 206 million people were eligible for voter registration
- Of those eligible to register, only 146 million were actually registered
- Of those registered, only 131 million actually voted

It means that only 64% of the eligible voting population actually votes. It means that only 64% of the eligible voting population determines (sort of) the course of government for the next four years. Yes, there is the whole Electoral College thing and do the politicians actually do what they say they will do when asking for your vote?

But politicians and any purity in their actions is a topic for another day.

2012 World Series of Baseball

The opening pitch took place and the first crack of a bat hitting the ball has occurred. Did anyone notice?

Believe it or not, the San Francisco Giants lead the Detroit Tigers two games to none at this point. But has anyone else taken notice of this world series between these two teams? I am sure there are people living in both locations that care. Most notably, the folks in Detroit, while disappointed being down by two games, are thrilled.

Yet, it is baseball and for those that love watching it...the excitement is here. A chance to unwind from a long day and just enjoy the moment.

The Many Colors

I just returned from a week at my corporate offices in the Boston, Massachusetts area. A full week of work but a special treat because the fall leaves are bursting with color. I forget just how wonderful those colors can be. The changing colors of nature reveal just how fantastic the natural world is that we live in.

Soon the cold and snow will be settling in around us. But each of us know that winter provides a time of rest in nature. Spring will come forth after the harsh winter winds fade and new buds will emerge. Until either of those things happen, enjoy the burst of autumn's showcase.

Stay inspired my friends.

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