Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wisdom Revealed

"The measure of our future success and happiness will not be the quality of the cards we are dealt by unseen hands, but the poise and wisdom with which we play them. 'Choose to play each hand to the best of your ability without wasting the time or energy it takes to complain about either the cards or the dealer or the often unfair rules of the game.' Play both the winning and the losing hands as best you can, then fold the cards and ante up for the next deal!" - "Like Klockwork: The Whimsy, Wit, and (sometime) Wisdom of a Key Largo Curmudgeon" by Joe Klock

Wisdom comes in bits and pieces through out your life. But in order to gain wisdom, you have to gather it from others and from your actions. In his book "The Traveler's Gift", Andy Andrews gives us these bits and pieces. The New York Times described it as an inspirational tale about the "decisions that determine personal success," a down on-
his-luck middle-aged man travels back in time.

It is our choices and our attitudes that determine the difference between failure and success. Andy writes about this in chapter four regarding the second decision in life you must make. The main character has just met King Solomon and been given the second of seven items he will receive on this strange journey. He is given the following words of wisdom that are written as such;

Knowing that wisdom waits to be gathered, I will actively search her out
I will seek wisdom, I will choose my friends with care
I will seek wisdom, I will listen to the counsel of wise men
I will seek wisdom, I will be a servant to others
I will seek wisdom

There is so much to learn in our lives and sometimes it is by the pure chance of living that we gain wisdom. Some of that wisdom learned is not to our benefit if used incorrectly. But living itself will teach us either way, good or bad. My wish for each of you is to find that wisdom early in life. And if not, that growing older places you in the path of that wisdom.

Live a more happy and successful life by gathering wisdom beyond what is naturally learned. Your life will change and improve..the wisdom of others has proven it to be.

Stay inspired my friends!

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