Thursday, November 08, 2012

Building Up

"There are a million reasons you can find to tear someone down. Work to find that one reason to build them up." -Dean Sweetman

It seems so easy to find what is wrong in this world or in people. The weather is too hot or too cold, the government is too over bearing and my co-worker is lazy. So much we could go on about and it does not mean that it isn't true. A lot of bad in this world is actually bad.

Yet we should also attempt to find something good around us. This is especially true with the people we come in contact with. Again, bad is bad and I'm referring to your everyday contact with family, friends and people in general. It may be perceived as a "can't we all just get along" type of statement.

No, what I'm referring to is our inclination to be critical of others as it draws attention away from our own shortcomings. As you tear others down, you are really tearing yourself down. The whole "reap what you sow" idea comes to mind. Think about your spouse or children and how you interact with them. Do you find that conversations begin with, "why didn't you" or "how could you"?

When was the last time you praised them for just being them, for a small talent or gift that they have? Or a son, like many other teens, trying to "just get through" his last year of high school. Most parents will know what this struggle is like. But you build him up and encourage him allowing him to push through. Your kids need you to help lift them when they are down. To encourage them to seek out their dreams, just like you and I need.

So try to find those good things and praise the person for them. It doesn't take a whole lot to find goodness in someone, it only takes you trying. The goodness will come back around to you in due course. Build up others and you will build yourself up as well.

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