Monday, July 22, 2013

Strategy for Life

"The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them." -Denis Watley

We dream of things to come and have visions of what we want to accomplish in our life. But these dreams and visions remain just that if no action occurs. The act of taking a step towards them puts us on a journey that will eventually capture our real goal.

Yet how do we go about planning or executing a path towards those goals. In much of my reading, many of the principles I've learned come from business. It comes from those that have achieved in life with very basic steps. In today's article, I want to list these steps. Not in the 'business' vernacular, but in a way that you can adopt them in your own personal life.

For any goal to be met, you need to have a coherent strategy and method of executing those steps. Each of these are crucial in working together for success in achieving a goal or set of goals. Much of what I have read revolves around six steps through which a plan for success in achieving a goal is accomplished.

1. Develop a strategy; it may seem a very basic step, but many people go head long into something without figuring out first how to get there. When considering your vision, think about the following;

- What is the mission or purpose you want of your life?
- How does the goal fulfill that purpose?
- What lies beyond the goal or what do you envision once the goal is achieved?

2. Plan the strategy; now that you have an idea of what the strategy will be, plan how you will implement it. Translate the objectives into specific targets or short term action plans. You can even create a one-page block diagram that gives you a visual idea of where you are. With small and short action plans, accomplishing lots of little steps gives you encouragement and shows progress.

3. Align your life with the strategy; are those around you supportive and willing to come along on this journey. Giving those around you a sense of ownership and benefit will be a supportive network. If you hang around negative people, it only draws you down and hinders your ability to accomplish your goal.

4. Conduct your life with the goal in mind; find ways that will improve and boost your ability to accomplish each of the targets. In ex; if you like to read and the goal is being debt free, then reading sporting magazines all of the time isn't helping you achieve that. Maybe change subscriptions and start reading financial magazines and the like.

5. Monitor and Learn; many strategies to accomplishing something never end up looking exactly as they did when first developed. As you move forward, evaluate what is or is not working to help you achieve the goal. There is no hard fast rule that says you can't change. Change is great when applied to strengthen and improve your strategy.

6. Adapt the strategy; as you monitor and learn from your journey, write down and revise the written strategy. A lot of folks simply adjust and forget to rewrite the strategy. Then when they reach a point of being lost in their journey, they go back to the written strategy for guidance. If it is the old and original one, you will retrace steps that you either don't need to and shouldn't. This can cause you to become disheartened or discouraged. So write down, adapt the written strategy for it is your road map to where you are going.

So performing these steps doesn't require fancy charts and graphs or forms. It only requires commitment from you to take a step. It requires you to change some of what you are doing in life now and being bold to step out of the comfortable.

Once you begin moving and start seeing small accomplishments, the goal becomes much clearer and achievable. Develop a strategy for your life and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Stay inspired my friends!

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