Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Many Lifetimes

"The truth is, I need 10 lifetimes to scratch the surface of the things I'd love to do."
-Bear Grylls

It is a great quote that I came back across recently. I found the context of it in a Mens Journal article I had read a couple of years ago. The man, Bear Grylls is one of those ultimate adventure guys most men would like be. Bear writes about surviving life in one of his latest books called A Survival Guide For Life; a great read for anyone.

Knowing all that he has done and hearing he would need ten lifetimes to do even more, just how many lifetimes would it take me?

We only get one life to live and the point is to make the most of that one lifetime. It certainly is not a competition of who had the most adventures. It is about how you live the adventure which is your life.

Are you doing everything you can to live a great life? Are you making an impact on the lives of others? Are you doing things that make life better for others? Are you living or just waiting?

It doesn't mean that you have to climb Mt Everest at age 23 or climbing cliffs, parachuting from helicopters, paragliding, ice climbing, or a hundred other things.

But you could!

You could also become involved in a charity that assists disabled, disadvantaged, abused or neglected young people. Possibly help a friend get a job. You could then take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland and drive on the left-hand side of the road. You can be a family man filling your kids with a lifetime of memories. Anything you choose to do is an adventure. Just fill your life with many of them.

Stay inspired my friends.

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